Original barriers for vehicles and people on the road. Barriers are suitable for use on construction sites, stadiums, fairs, live shows and other similar events.

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Technical descriptions

It is a new type of barrier that is made of HDPE material with admixture of additives, making it UV resistant. It may include a red and white reflective tape 100 mm or 250 mm wide for the X barrier. This tape is fully visible both during the day and in low visibility and at night. The barrier can be connected with other barriers thanks to an injection molded plastic coupling, both with a stainless steel rod and swivel leg. The barrier is fully recyclable. All parts are developed and designed as new and offer unlimited variability and utilization possibilities.

Barrier X can be used on roads in the Czech Republic because it meets Decree 294/2015 Coll. about the road traffic rules, as amended, and in accordance with the relevant technical regulations, eg Technical conditions 66.

Barier X is also tested according to TL-Absperrschranken 97 and is manufactured in accordance with the applicable regulations.

  • Option to add an individual 90 x 90 mm logo
  • Safety features: 3M reflective tape in widths of 100 and 250 mm
  • The possibility of making barriers in any weight variants
  • Unlimited variability due to the modular system
  • Large advertising space for corporate presentation of up to 1650 x 700 mm (dibond, banner, mesh) or the possibility of mouting traffic signs 660 – 710 mm.
  • German TL-Absperrschranken 97 approved
  • Czech TP-66 approved



Series X <sup>(1 m)</sup>
Series X (1 m)2017
Series X <sup>(2 m)</sup>
Series X (2 m)2017

Position variants

stable or rolling
Position variants

Large advertising space

or the possibility of branding
Position variants

Safety features

3M reflective tape
Position variants

Unlimited variability

due to the modular system
Unlimited variability


Standard White

Standard Yellow

Standard Orange

Standard Red

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