Reserve canisters are designed for the transport of fuels. The basis is the easy handling and use of technology to ensure fluid flow without unwanted "gargling".

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Technical description

Reserve canisters are designed for the transport of fuels. However, they can also be used for other types of fluids. For fuel use, the canisters meet all the necessary requirements for obtaining a UN certification. The canisters are made using blow molding and injection molding technologies, with an emphasis on the quality of the used material and the originality of the product design. Thanks to the specific attachment of the optional components, the canisters can be folded comfortably side by side. Canisters can be ordered in different sizes and colors. The canisters are fully recyclable.

  • Option to add an individual logotype or label with dimensions of 197 x 104 mm and 120 x 90 mm. Upon agreement, these sizes can be customized individually.
  • Different colors of canisters
  • Fluid flow technology
  • Easy storage thanks to the specific components fitting
  • Easy handling


Anti-Gargling Technology

Fluid flow

3D profile

Components attachment


  • Weight
  • Dimensions (HxWxD)
  • Certification
  • Pallet placement

5 L

5 L
Weight 390 g ± 5 g
Height(hxwxd) 295 x 260 x 124 mm
Certification UN
Pallet placement 216 pcs

10 L

10 L
Weight 590 g ± 10 g
Height(hxwxd) 371 x 290 x 170 mm
Certification UN
Pallet placement 114 pcs

20 L

20 L
Weight 960 g ± 20 g
Height(hxwxd) 452 x 356 x 210 mm
Certification UN
Pallet placement 60 pcs


Standard Black

Anthracite Dark Grey

Light Grey

Standard White

Standard Yellow

Standard Red

Standard Green

Standard Blue

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